Mara Lynn


City: Columbus, OH
Height 5' 8"
Stats: 36~29~38
Weight 145lbs
Hair: Long light brown
Eyes: Green


I understand that life happens. Sometimes, I need to cancel as well. I make up for the times that I need to cancel, and I expect you to do the same. If you fail to, I will not be spending time with you anymore. I will not act as a reference for you. I will also be adding your information on a national database for escorts, so no one else will have to deal with the hassle that this causes us.
*Cancellations made 24 hours or more in advance will NOT owe a cancellation fee.
*If you cancel within 24 hours, I ask for $100, which can be applied to a future date (within 60 days.)
*If you cancel within 5 hours of our scheduled date, I ask for half of the agreed donation.


About Me

Hello, allow me to introduce myself. I am Mara Lynn. I’m an independent companion based in Columbus, Ohio.

While spending quality time with me, you will be pleased to know that I have acquired many passions, skills and talents for us to enjoy together.

Here are just a few of them that I have chosen and happily offer during our private time.

• ​​I have qualifications in cosmetology as well as massage. I offer full body, Nuru gel, and deep tissue massage. I am always prepared with oils. (Unscented oils upon request.) If you would like a Nuru massage I will need to know ahead of time so I can bring my Nuru gel.

• I was an exotic dancer at Columbus Gold. I didn’t work there long, but I know how to dance. It has been a passion of mine since I can remember. I have taken ballet, jazz, cheerleading and hip hop classes. My one-of-a-kind strip tease and lap dances are an experience that everyone needs at least once in their life!

• I am extremely open-minded. I will try most fetishes at least once and I enjoy doing a long list of very different things. I encourage you to open up so we can have an unforgettable time together! At the same time, if you don’t have anything specific that you love, don’t assume I will find you boring.

• I love to model, and I have modeled professionally from age 14 to 19. It excites me to be photographed and recorded and I am very comfortable in front of a camera. If you are a photographer and would like to take photos of me, email me. I give discounts for professional pictures, or we can trade services.

• I have always been into fashion. I own so many different kinds of sexy lingerie and heels- from delicate lace & soft silk to leather, boots and much more. If you have a specific look that you like, I would be honored to make it come to life!

• I work as a cam model part-time online. I also make my own amateur porn. Ask me for the details.

Mara xx

FAQs & Etiquette

If you have someone in mind, please send pictures and we will go from there. I only do duos with another provider if both providers receive the same compensation. I also require that both of us are actually bisexual.

Yes. I have never, and would never treat anyone differently based on their race.
I am currently low volume, so I do not have an incall location available daily. If you need for me to get us an incall, let me know and I will accommodate. I can book something in a specific area that works best for you. Note that I will need a deposit beforehand, only to book the room.
While I am sure you are an honest man who is not planning on wasting my time, I have had instances where I’ve driven long distances only to be ignored once I arrive. Nine times out of ten I have gotten compensated in the past, but I would much rather get a small amount up front. If something comes up I can travel back home without feeling totally taken advantage of. If you are feeling hesitant.. just remember I have an image to uphold and your deposit certainly is not worth my reputation being compromised.
I don’t want anyone to hesitate to contact me based on age, gender, race, fetishes, etc. I am more than happy to go on non-erotic dates with you, such as dinner, art gallery, etc. if you prefer. I always will be open to going on these types of dates and truthfully find them just as fun.
If booked in advance, I can schedule any time. I prefer dates in the afternoon, evening or night. Currently there are no days that work better than others. Please let me know your availability and we can go from there.

No, specials come and go. Keep in mind that this is my job. Also, it doesn’t make a lady feel good to have clients constantly trying to lowball her.

*Ask for a discount on my hour rate only once. After that, I will not be conversing with you.

It will be up to you to schedule specifics. Normally we will have dinner. Then we can do anything from going to a play to going out clubbing. We also can enjoy a cozy night in after dinner, and make breakfast upon waking. I love to cook! I also require at least 6 hours of sleep time. Normally I will leave around 8 – 10 a.m.
I will not answer explicit questions because I do not do illegal things during our time together. You will be ignored if you talk about any illegal activities.
No. Please do not ask.

Fully enjoying our time together means respecting certain etiquette. When we conduct ourselves like the adults we are, I am sure we will have a wonderful time.

These are in no particular order.
  • If you would like to use me as a reference, I ask that you tell me before doing so. Also, her information is helpful, so please provide it.
  • While reviews are great, not all of them are going to be 100% truth. Remember that the people who post these are just like you and I. You never know who is writing what, for what reason, what their chemistry was like, etc. Also, there are two sides to every story. At the same time, try not to read up on amazing reviews and come to a date with unrealistic expectations no woman could actually fulfill. No two experiences will be alike.
  • Please be a gentleman and do not wait for me to tell you that your time is up. If you would like more time, please ask me as soon as possible and have the donation ready.
  • If you must leave early I will not be offended, but the rate remains the same.
  • If I am coming to you, the donation should ALWAYS be placed on the bathroom sink BEFORE I arrive, and NEVER mentioned at a first meeting.
  • I encourage you to speak up if you would like something done differently. I am not a mind reader. I will never take offense to constructive criticism.
  • If you are too nervous to meet an escort, or are not sure you would like to meet a lady this way, please do not contact me until you’re 100% ready.
  • I am not here to text back and forth with you. You will be ignored once I get the feeling you are wasting our time. This goes for any escort.
  • It is encouraged to text me the day before and/or the day of our meeting to verify we are on the same page. This is highly encouraged. I may do the same, so tell me if I should not text you unless you text first.
  • I offer a promotion to Preferred411 members with three or more ‘Okays’. The promotion is $50 off every package listed on this website.
  • If you would like to see me with another female, it will be completely up to you to take care of all details between you and her. I’m not a party planner. Keep in mind that both of us will be receiving the same compensation for our time, even if one of our ads say otherwise.
  • If you have a account, I ask that an “appointment request” be sent before our date, as well as an “Okay request” after the date.
  • Please be showered for our time together.​ I make sure to be freshly showered with make-up and hair done. (If you prefer no perfume/scent let me know.)
  • If I saw you years ago when my rates were different, please don’t text me and tell me about it. That’s great that our time was that memorable, but times have changed and so have my rates. ​
  • ​Sometimes unfortunate circumstances happen and I will need to cancel. Trust my judgement on this. If I cancel, it means I respect you enough to not accept your donation without being at my best for you. It will be a let-down that we can’t see each other that day, but in the end it will be better for both of us. I also offer more time or a discounted rate the next time we see each other for cancellations.
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Appointments in the afternoon/evenings are preferred. I am available mornings and late nights upon request and sometimes with short notice. I am somewhat selective about who I spend my time with. Please be a gentleman upon contacting me and let me know through my booking form, your availability, how long you want to spend with me, and anything else you feel I should know. Light screening is required. Cancellation fee is required (more info on FAQ)

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